I don’t read Hemingway. I became superstitious of reading his work after he came butting his way into mine. Here are the “conversations,” if you will, between Hemingway and I. They in no way represent an actual depiction of Hemingway, either physically or personality-wise, and have no bearing on fact. These vignettes are taken from my own conceptions of him through reading only a few things from and about him, and knowing a general sort of history. Take from it what you will.

This project started as a silly idea, and as the most unfortunate silly ideas do, turned into something even sillier upon its conception as something as I was actually going to “do”. Upon starting this blog, I gave myself a challenge to write one of these snippets with the ever-intrusive Hemingway at least 5 days a week. The challenge begins April of 2010 and will last for the duration of a year. Cheer me on, laugh a bit, and share in the full-hardy ideas we get about people which soon become larger than the persons themselves.

These works of fiction are of my own creation, please do not use or copy without first requesting permission (March 30, 2010).


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