And so it begins. After going back and forth about this project for a while, I’ve decided to lace up the bootstraps and try it out. Here’s a brief history and then explanation for project…

I read a lot. I write a lot. After having graduated with an English degree, I realized I had only read a few short stories or bits and pieces of Hemingway’s stories but nothing complete and nothing to leave a lasting impression. I read a lot and for all the hoopla surrounding the guy, none of his works really made me want to go back and “revisit”. Not particularly strange given that we only have certain writers that we just “connect” to and, while we read their writing, words seem to make better sense. Hemingway, though, didn’t do this for me.

So why do I have a blog dedicated to him now? He (or rather the “him” I imagine) did something profoundly different from every other writer I’ve read. Maybe it’s his larger-than-life personality and history. It could be how his name has become instead a “word” in our language rather than a historical person. In any case, Hemingway himself began entering some of my shorter writing pieces, for better or worse, and I’ve been stuck with the balding, hairy-knuckled guy ever since.

I can’t imagine my ideas of him are shared with any type of reality and, in this way, I’ve constructed Hemingway for myself. I don’t know now if I’d want him any other way. This is why I choose now not to read Hemingway. Mostly for superstitious reasons but also for the principle of it. If you’ve come to this site for relevant criticism and such, it’ll all just be a bit of blathering for you. Instead, I want to explore my own conceptions of who Hemingway is for me, untainted by the actual reality of the man. I’ll do this through the short vignettes and stories that come out. To add legitimacy to this exploration, I’ve given myself the challenge of writing one of these vignettes at least 5 times a week, for the time of one year. I want to explore how our conceptions and beliefs about a person come to define them in our minds. How reality can become rather slippery. I suppose in this time, I’ll come to learn who Hemingway is, and maybe come to find out some things about myself as well.

And now, join in for the rollicking literary challenge! As a sidenote, there may also be random cooking and book-related entries from time to time and as my interest follows. Challenge begins April 1st, 2010.